Student Self-Guided Activities

Use these self-guided forms to keep students busy when exploring the different exhibit areas of the Center. Divide small groups into teams with an adult chaperone in each group. Give each team a copy of the challenge. The focused explorations can be used in specific areas (BodyQuest, Adventure Tower, or Space Chase) or can be used as open-inquiry challenges when exploring the whole Center.

Energy Scavenger Hunt

Students search for examples of exhibits that demonstrate uses of energy and find examples of simple machines. Choose between a checklist quest and a written response list, depending on the grade level of students.

BodyQuest Student Challenge

One of the most exciting areas of Adventure Center is BodyQuest where visitors learn about human body systems using interactive exhibits. Challenge students in grades 4 and up to read information, conduct simple experiments and explore the exhibits while trying to find the answers to the BodyQuest Student Challenge.

Tower Trek

Use this scavenger hunt to help your students explore the Adventure Tower which has focused science themes on each color-coded level.

Space Chase Challenge (grades 1-3)
Space Chase Challenge (grades 4-8)

Motivate your students to read, observe and answer the Space Chase challenge. Students visit the new Space Chase wing to find the answers.

Science Journals and Notebooks

These open-ended journals may be used as a way to make observations about exhibits or programs. Students are asked to explain, test, draw, and ask questions about a specific topic or program.

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