Tinkering Garage

  It’s time to strap on your tool belts for Adventure Science Center’s Tinkering Garage, Nashville’spremier DIY maker-space for families, school children and science enthusiasts of all ages! Step into the ultimate workshop where we provide the space and resources, and you decide what to do next. We’re talking REAL tools, REAL materials and the freedom.. read more →

Adventure Tower

It is a pillar of imagination. It is a journey through science. It is smart, creative, athletic, musically gifted, and has an enormous heart. And It possibly has the best view in Nashville. It is the Adventure Tower at Adventure Science Center. And it’s packed with exciting scientific exploration. Lift a car without breaking a sweat. Crawl through a beating heart. Then climb.. read more →


Sharp banks, sky loops and screaming dives await you as you maneuver your very own jet aircraft through the wild blue yonder. BLUE MAX lets you be the pilot, gunner or both as you engage in interactive dog fighting, carrier landings, flight training, and aerobatic maneuvers.Totally controlled by the pilot (you) and capable of full.. read more →


BodyQuest presents a day in the life of your body. See what goes on inside you every day, how your body systems work together and how hard your body works to try to keep itself in good working order! “Best in the State!” BodyQuest was presented the 2005 Award of Excellence in recognition of superlative achievement for.. read more →

Space Chase

Discover our newest permanent exhibit wing! In this 15,000 square foot addition to Adventure Science Center, you can discover the wonders of the universe through a variety of hands-on, interactive exhibits. WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE Our Newest Space Chase Gallery Explore Wonders of the Universe at Adventure Science Center, our newest permanent exhibit gallery. Wonders.. read more →

800 Fort Negley Blvd | Nashville, TN 37203 | Reservations: (615) 862-5177
HOURS: Daily 10 am - 5 pm every day except Thanksgiving & Christmas Day


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