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Adventure Science Center offers professional development opportunities to help you teach standards-based science that will engage your students and build your content knowledge on a variety of science topics. Our engaging workshops provide fresh ideas of hands-on activities and low-cost, interactive lessons using inexpensive materials that will capture your students’ interest and motivate their continued study. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of workshops that may be used as professional development credit at the school system’s discretion.

“I was impressed… It was most evident that you invested a lot of time to help us. I would say it was a smashing success for everyone involved. Please include me in any future PD you host/organize in the future.” –Ron G., 6th grade teacher


For Pre-K to Second Grade Teachers

This nature-based early childhood program from Project WILD! and the Council for Environmental Education offers low-cost, hands-on, active and thematic units that invite children to explore wildlife and the world around them. Participants receive a Growing up WILD! activity book with more than 100 pages of lessons on art, music, movement, science inquiry, math, language and literacy connections.

In addition to Growing Up WILD! ASC will provide participants an in-depth session on how to develop engaging and age-appropriate learning expeditions to Adventure Science Center and how to incorporate that experience into your daily lessons. Cost: $40 (includes lesson book)

For more information, please email shoughton@adventuresci.org, or call (615) 401-5082.

Thursday, November 5, 2015
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Using Robotics To Promote Problem-Solving

Middle school teachers have the opportunity to explore methods and strategies for using robotics to make project-based learning more approachable for classroom use and afterschool activities. Using LEGO® Mindstorms® robotics, learn to build and program robots capable of meeting challenges designed to promote 21st century team building skills. In addition to working directly with the robotics equipment, facilitators will share great resources for lessons and projects along with information about creating a team and competing with the FIRST® LEGO® League. Cost $75

For more information, contact pd@adventuresci.org.

Using Nanotechnology To Enhance Your Math, Science And Literacy Curriculum

Middle school teachers will explore the unexpected power of the “Science of Small” by investigating nanotechnology activities designed to capture the interest of students and enhance the integration of math, science and literacy through project based learning activities.

Explore what constitutes nanotechnology, investigate current and future applications and products in medicine, computers, and materials to discover why it is increasingly important to both you and your students, work with resources for aligning “nano” content with Tennessee academic standards and receive complete lesson plans for workshop activities. Cost: $75

For more information, contact pd@adventuresci.org.


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