STEM Discovery Labs

Provide classroom space, tables and teams of curious students. ASC brings the materials needed for these hands-on inquiry experiences, such as dissections of real specimens or engineering design challenges. Each Lab is designed to strengthen students’ emerging interests and knowledge. 50 minutes, up to 30 students

Amusement Park Physics

Use engineering and collaboration skills to build an amusement park attraction and learn how potential and kinetic energy transfers in a closed system. read more →


The space suit is a multi-layer tool that protects astronauts from many harmful elements. Experiment with materials and the engineering design process to build a better one. read more →

Cow Eye Dissection

Examine a cow’s eyeball; compare its muscles and fat; cut it open to find its parts; follow the path of light all the way to the optic nerve; and learn how the eye sends information to the brain. read more →

Fetal Pig Dissection

Examine the body systems of a fetal pig while identifying major organs and discussing each one’s structure and function. read more →

Flower Dissection

Budding botanists work in small groups to dissect a flower and explore its physical characteristics. read more →

Frog Dissection

Inspect the unique internal and external features of a frog, learn how the tympanum senses sound waves, and draw conclusions about the adaptations of this amphibian. read more →

It’s Electric!

Partners collaborate in a guided inquiry lab with challenges that include building series and parallel circuits to make a light bulb glow, a motor spin, and a fan turn into a flying saucer. read more →

LEGO® Mindstorms®

Working in teams of two or three, students build and program LEGO® Mindstorms® robots capable of meeting challenges designed to promote 21st century team building skills. Students see the important STEM relationships to gain a deeper understanding of the design and invention process. read more →

Primary Physical Forces

Students make observations and test hypotheses about magnetism, gravity, static electricity, and vibrations and sound. read more →

Renewable Energy Design

Ever wonder which type of renewable energy is best? Pitch solar, wind, and bicycle power against each other to see which produces the most energy and discuss real-world applications of each. read more →

Squid Dissection

Inspect the unique internal and external features of a squid and draw conclusions about the adaptations of this ocean dwelling invertebrate. read more →

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HOURS: Daily 10 am - 5 pm every day except Thanksgiving & Christmas Day


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