01 Jun 2014

Design, build and test a structure to see how much stress it will support. Revise and test new designs to improve the results.


Options Capacity Length (minutes) Program Fee Extra Program* Additional Fee & Requirements
4 stations 60 60 $325 $200 each $50 materials fee per session; 12 to 20 volunteer assistants; $50 for each additional station.
10 stations 150 90 $535 $325 each

*Same day, same program

Please note: A round-trip mileage fee and any applicable materials fees may be added to your final cost.

800 Fort Negley Blvd | Nashville, TN 37203 | Reservations: (615) 862-5177
HOURS: Daily 10 am - 5 pm every day except Thanksgiving & Christmas Day


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